Company Profile

Since Opulent Marketing was founded in 1989, we had been focusing on the electronic and asphalt industries.

Opulent still remains one of those few substantial distribution companies with strong and stable financial resources, professional management and up to date systems to meet the ever-changing electronic industry and world economy. We emphasise our efficient and affordable service as the link between our suppliers and our customers in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, China, and India.

Our Mission

To help achieve global connectivity by integrating clients and suppliers through providing quality distribution of electronic components and asphalt solutions.

Our Vision

An efficient components distributor that provides domestic support services to promote the industry in Asia and ASEAN.

Core Values

Our professional and dedicated team’s priority is to ensure quality service to our clients.


Our success over the years is grounded on the moral uprightness manifested in the people we work with.


We always strive for excellence to maintain our mark in all that we do, for every client.


We demonstrate a high regard towards the principles and ideas of our customers and suppliers.

Why Choose Us
Dynamic & Versatile

Because we ensure same time zone support, serving as the ideal link between customers and suppliers.

Because we are versatile when it comes to offering an efficient and affordable service in the distribution of our products.


Because we ensure exceptional after-sales services, dedicating our personal touch to provide a better lead time for our customers.

Because we take a hands-on approach to resolving issues on a case-by-case basis.

Because we comply with the global legal requirements. We make sure that our products are always used for the right purposes as supported by the strict rulings in our contracts.


Because we ensure quality from the beginning of our operations to its delivery.

Because we always aim for uncompromised deliveries.


Because we are experienced and seasoned consultants when it comes to issues and problem-solving.

Because we are always responsive and listening.

Because we solve issues, we give recommendations.

Value-Added Service

As a one-stop solution for your automotive, medical, electronic components and asphalt requirements, Opulent Marketing customises products based on the clients’ demands. We assist selected faraway customers in buying loose items, consolidate product solutions, and strive for flexibility in logistics, transportation, and delivery with us.

We ensure timely support regardless of your time zone. Contact us for a non-obligatory evaluation!