Chant Sincere
Chant Sincere was founded since 1985. Chant Sincere practice the core principles in design and manufacturing all connector and cable products. Chant Sincere provide a broad range of cable and connector which are widely used in many industries, including Computing, Industrial & Automation, Telecommunication, Automotive, Waterproof, Consumer and Medical Industry. Our major products are I/O connector, Board to Board connector, Waterproof connector, Industrial Connector, Automotive connector, Memory Card connector and adaptor, High Speed connector and cable, Audio & Video connector and cable and more.
Circuit Technology Center is the world’s #1 choice for high-reliability circuit board rework and repair services. During the past 30+ years, Circuit Technology Center developed a variety of custom made tools and materials specifically designed for circuit board work.
Established in 2000, Comchip strives to become the leading global semiconductor solution provider, delivering solutions and support with cost and quality advantages. Based in Taiwan, Comchip is constantly expanding in key locations around the world to provide direct, superior customer service, with sales offices located in China, Silicon Valley and New York.
ddm hopt + schuler
DDM hopt+schuler provides complete solutions for switches, card readers and ticket systems. Thanks to our innovative modular structure, a large number of variations are available for you to choose from.
Everett Charles Technologies
ECT’s POGO Spring Contact Probes, including the Ostby Barton/Pylon Division, is the world’s leading manufacturer of POGO Spring Probes for testing bare and loaded printed circuit boards. Innovations in design, engineering and manufacturing processes have led the industry. From the development of the first snap-out or replaceable probe, in 1965, to more recent designs such as the high performance bias ball PogoPlus probe line.
Finn Electronics
FINN Test Electronics is an innovative product design and development company that specializes in the conception and creation of products for test and measurement environments within the electronics and manufacturing services sectors.
Fischer Elektronik
Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1969 in Lüdenscheid / Germany, is a leading expert and manufacturer in the field of heatsinks, aluminum cases and connectors. Fischer Elektronik supplies customers from the electrical and electronics industry worldwide with high quality products. Made in Germany.
Metron Optics
At Metron Optics, it is our mission to provide innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions that help our customers improve their processes. Our mirrors allow users to see where the human eye alone cannot. We are dedicated to inventing innovative products that improve your business and your success.
Precipart is a global company, established in 1950, with a heritage dating back to 1846.Precipart engineers, designs and manufactures high precision custom solutions for the world’s leading companies in the Medical, Aerospace and Industrial markets.  With offices in Switzerland, the U.S. and U.K, Precipart’s team members are dedicated to enhancing lives through innovative solutions.
Since its founding in 1988, RDI has been involved in thousands of projects worldwide, providing electronic components, engineering services and full system manufacturing, with the singular goal of helping deliver products that meet or exceed our customer’s schedule, specification and budget expectations. RDI is a Thomas Verified Supplier.
SLOAN AG was founded in 1967 in Basle/Switzerland as a sister of the SLOAN Company in California/USA. Ever since SLOAN AG designs, manufactures and distributes electronic and electrooptical components which meet the highest standards for quality, durability and performance. In more than 30 years of service to the military and commercial markets SLOAN has developed the largest range of quality indicators and continues to introduce new, up-to-date products.
Founded in 1995,Storimpex specialises in waste removal and recycling, treatment and production of special products, and development of alternative energy concepts, among others. Their flagship products include the Storflux Nature, a virgin oil for the regeneration of oxidated binding material for CO2 reduction; and Storelastic, a newly developed product designed for asphalt production.