Metron MiniMirror®


To let you see where you couldn’t before

A variety of specialty mirrors are available for different industries. Many more styles are available other than those listed below. Please contact us with your application so we may identify the appropriate product for your requirements.

Used in various industries, including Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Dental, Electronics, and Industrial fields, our mirrors are of Optical Quality with extremely bright and sharp reflections.

Metron MiniMirror® can be designed to fit into extremely tiny spaces (0.25″ diameter and smaller), and be as thin as two human hairs.

Features and Benefits

  • The mirror edges are beveled and polished for maximum strength.
  • Available in an assortment of mirror sizes and handles to fit your needs.
  • Medical and Dental mirrors come standard with a clear Autoclavable adhesive.
  • For the ultimate in Scratch Resistance, Metron MiniMirror® are available with an exclusive Diamond Coating.

Our Line of Mirrors

M90S – Standard Metron® MiniMirror®

Metron’s original line of inspection mirrors that are relied upon worldwide for optical clarity in precision work. Metron MiniMirrors® allow one to see under places that otherwise would not be possible.

I Line – Industrial Mirrors

303/17-4 Medical Grade Stainless-Steel ESD safe handle ST

M Line – Medical Inspired Mirrors

The M Line of medically inspired MiniMirrors® got it’s inspiration from the round mirrors found in medical offices. Metron MiniMirrors® have special features not found in typical round mirrors.

DM Line – Diamond Coated Pocked Mirrors

Diamond-Coated Rear Surface Mirrors For the ultimate in scratch resistance and reflectivity, the Metron® DentalDM rear-surface diamond coated mirrors come with an exclusive patented scratch resistant surface.

RV Line – Rhodium Front Surface Mirrors

Metron® DentalRV is our line of Rhodium-coated Front Surface Mirrors. They offer great quality at a great price. They are made in the US like all of our products and come standard with a stainless steel shaft and stainless, telescopic, reusable handle.

Metron MiniMirror® Custom Design Services

Metron MiniMirror® Custom Design Services Have a special need for a custom design? We can help! Thinner, thicker, wider, longer, special bends, or shapes, customize a design to fit your special needs.

How to use a Metron Optics M90S MiniMirror?