Metron Marker®

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Metron Marker®

Make your MARK

The Metron Marker® line of products includes Metron Marker pens, pints, gallons, and air dispensed ink syringes. Most colors and formulas are available in both Standard-tip or Micro-tip needles. Available colors include: Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Violet, Grey, Black, White, Gold, Silver, and Transparent – Not all colors available in all formulas.

The Pen

With the cap on, shake the pen for 10 or 15 seconds to activate the ink flow. Pull off the cap and, with the pen in marking position, give it a little squeeze. This is how you feed and control the ink. For a little dot, a little squeeze; For a continuous line, a continuous squeeze. To do lettering, just keep the tip of the needle wet and draw the lines. When you release the finger pressure, the pen will suck the ink out of the needle point.

Used in a variety of industries including, electronics, medical, horticulture, agronomy, apiculture, communications, aerospace, military, art, and a variety of other industries. It’s application has been very wide throughout the world.

The Needle

There are three different size needles available. The standard needle is 1” in length and has an orifice of 0.031”. It has an output of approximately 12,000 dots. The microtip needle (M) is 1” in length and has an orifice of 0.013”. It dispenses over 25,000 dots. For the smallest dot or for fine lettering the microtip is easier to use. The long tip needle (L) is 3.25” in length with an orifice of 0.031”. The long tip needle is useful in hard-to-reach places.

See the difference between our standard and microtip needles.

The Ink

RoHS compliant, flexible, non-toxic, and non-staining. Most of these inks use water as a base carrier instead of solvents, so they do not contribute to atmospheric contamination. Drying time will depend on the amount of ink dispersed. If you maintain the moisture level of the ink, you can use it to the last drop. The Permanent, Removable and Solvent Resistant inks do not polymerize until the water is evaporated.

Most of the inks are normally the consistency of thick cream. The Metron Marker® is available in four different types of water-based ink: 1) Removable; 2) Permanent; 3) Solvent Resistant; and 4) Liquid 2-Way Tape. The inks are water based and after an extended period of time, may tend to thicken as they lose water. To thin the ink to the consistency of cream, place a drop of water in the opening of the cap and suck it up with the tip of the pen. Vigorous shaking (with cap on) will mix the water and the ink. Warming the pen under a lamp (or in hot water) will make the ink flow and mix more rapidly.

Both the Solvent Washoff ink and Aquaclean are alcohol based and may be thinned if necessary with alcohol.

The Metron Marker Inks are electrically nonconductive. The extreme brightness of the colors results from highly fluorescent pigments which convert energy from the blue and ultraviolet range beyond the visible spectrum into very pure emitted light at narrow waveband wavelengths in the visible spectrum. They also reflect as well as emit these same wavelengths to produce the extremely bright and intense colors. Metron Marker Inks will withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit before discoloring.

Metron Inks are available in the Metron Marker®, Pints, and Gallons.

Types of Formula

·         Permanent Ink

·         Removable Ink

·         Solvent Resistant Ink

·         Aquaclean Ink

·         Solvent Washoff Ink

Other Inks and Formulas

A variety of other specialty inks and formulas are available. Please contact us with your application so we may identify the appropriate product for your requirements.

How to use a Metron Marker from Metron Optics?