Coded Rotary Switch

The ddm hopt+schuler 527 model is a compact coded rotary switch that offers a range of configurations, including BCD, Hexadecimal, or Gray coding options. This versatile switch is designed to cater to specific needs with various knob and shaft styles, ensuring a personalised fit for your unique application requirements. Its miniature size, combined with customisable coding and interface options, makes the coded rotary switch an ideal solution for precise control in a variety of settings.

Magnetic Encoder 590

With its removable control knob, the magnetic encoder 590 from ddm hopt+schuler represents a special feature. The encoder is used everywhere where tightness and hygiene play an important role. The complete separation of the operating side from the electronic side allows you to clean the closed surface without hesitation. You can choose between surfaces made of aluminum or glass. The magnetic detent prevents any play in the detent position. You get a remarkable tactile feedback from the encoder.

The magnetic rotary encoder is available in incremental or gray code versions. A wide range of operating forces for the turn and push function is supplemented by some options, such as indirect ring lighting.


Industrial Control Elements

Instrument Technology

Cooking and Kitchen Appliances

Sanitary Applications


Display Encoder 582

The unique Display Rotary Encoder 582 from ddm hopt+schuler combines a rotary encoder with a display to a so-called Human-Machine-Interface (HMI). The industrial interaction by turning and pushing is a long-proven technology. In addition, the encoder offers innovative ways to visualize your information in a way that makes it easy for your users to find and understand, thus making it easy to learn how to operate your device.

As a magnetic 2-bit rotary encoder, the model 582 from ddm hopt-schuler is available with different operating forces for the turn and push function. A selection of different displays and options, such as indirect ring lighting, allow you to design an attractive solution for your application. Furthermore, modern interfaces such as RFID, WiFi or Bluetooth are available for use.


Building Automation

Industrial Control Elements

Smart Home Solutions

Machine Too


Optical Encoder Rotary 55

Untiringly reliable, the 585 optical incremental encoder from ddm hopt+schuler is available with 20 switching positions. The standard axis is made of stainless steel so that when the switch is pressed, the force is absorbed by the housing, not by the circuit board. The housing is made of nickel-plated die-cast zinc. Other designs or materials are also possible. No radial play in the latching position underlines the high quality of the design.


Value and menu control for Industrial controls

Measuring and testing equipment

Controls of medical equipment

Volume and menu settings for commercial vehicle controls


Miniature 2 Bit Encoder 427

This miniature encoder 427 from ddm hopt+schuler is the optimal solution for a multitude of applications. The rotary encoder is easy to configure and is also available in a version with zinc die-cast housing for demanding industrial requirements. We can offer you special axes starting from a quantity of 1.000 encoders.

Choose between different operating forces for the turn and push function, of the model 427 from ddm hopt+schuler. The rotary encoder is a mechanical 2-bit incremental encoder. A long lifetime and the possibility to plug in the axis after the SMD soldering process are only two of the many advantages the encoder offers to you.


Industrial Control Elements

White Consumer Goods

Smart Home Solutions

Kitchen Appliances