Mega FINN™ Module

Test up to 254 LEDs with a single USB cable or RS232 cable

ICT and Functional Test Stations – Plug and Play USB or RS232

The Mega FINN Module combines all of the accuracy and speed found in  the Mega FINN with an easy to use, compact module for testing larger quantities of LEDs.

Benefits of the MEGA FINN™ Module

Universal:  ICT or Functional

No software set-up: Plug and play , USB and RS232  – USB cord provided

Daisy Chain: Both ICT and Functional up to 254 LEDs

Multiple Outputs: Voltage and Frequency

No cutting fibers/polishing: 18” or 24” fibers with custom heads assembled in one piece. Fibers come with the module.

ICT wiring: 4 wires –power, ground, transmit, and 1 output for all 16 channels

Power: Over-voltage Protection and input range 5-16 Volts @ ~100mA

MEGA FINN technology