Mega FINN™

Take the guesswork out of testing LEDS with our most accurate and fastest sensor to date – the Mega FINN™.

Mega FINN™ measures most LEDs in less than 3 milliseconds, automatically triggering when it detects an LED turn on and adjusting its sampling to quickly deliver an accurate measurement. The new firmware ensures that readings are less susceptible to errors caused by ambient light, eliminating the need for shrouding or blocking. In addition, its new algorithms solve issues that could cause erroneous sampling, thus reducing user implementation problems.

Benefits of the new Mega FINN™

Unparalleled speed – delivers most measurements in 3 milliseconds or less

Detects 2000 different hues between Blue (400nm) and Red (700nm)

Custom Sleeve with multiple press rings for ease of installation and vacuum seal

Eliminates most user implementation problems

Reduces ambient light errors