Metron® Specialty Fluids

At Metron Optics, it is our mission to provide innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions that help our customers improve their processes. Our mirrors allow users to see where the human eye alone cannot. We are dedicated to inventing innovative products that improve your business and your success.

The Metron SFNC is a no-clean solder flux that comes in a 6 ml pen.

Metron SFNC Specifications:
  • Product Type: No-Clean Flux
  • Physical Form: Liquid
  • Chemical Composition: N-Butyl AcetateProprietary IngredientNon HazardousEthanolIsopropyl AlcoholMethanol
  • Density: 0.814g/cm³
  • Odor: Alcohol-Like
  • Flash Point: 64°F
  • Applications: Soldering
  • Container Type: Pen
  • Capacity: 6ml

A variety of other specialty fluids are available. Please contact us with your application so we may identify the appropriate product for your requirements.

Our patented Metron Markers® deliver our fluids with extreme precision. Empty markers, standard and micro tip, are available from us so you can load them with a fluid of your choice.

Metron Marker “Transfluor” is invisible permanent ink that fluoresces blue under UV light and is ideal for warranty dating or for discrete markings. Transparent Ink comes standard in Micro-tip.

Metron® Solder Mask is available in two formulations (Water Soluble and Water Peelable) and is loaded in our standard tip marker allowing you to get the mask where you want it and not where you don’t.Metron®


Water Soluble Solder Mask (Blue)
Our water soluble mask protects PC boards plated thru holes, contacts, pins, posts, terminals and gold fingers during wave soldering or reflow, and is a solder masking agent.

  • Plastic safe
  • Nonflammable
  • Ozone safe
  • Rinses off with water cleaning systems
  • UV detectable
  • Noncorrosive
  • Safe for sensitive metals like gold, silver, and copper
  • Can be used as a water soluble tacking compound
  • RoHS Compliant


Metron® Water Soluble Peelable (Pink)
The Metron® Water Soluble Peelable is a peelable temporary solder masking agent.

  • Tack-free drying in 30 minutes
  • Simple to use- just peel off the dried masking agent
  • Latex material works with flux systems and is resistant to cleaning solvents
  • Perfect for protecting contacts during wave soldering
  • Can be used as a protective mask during conformal coating processes for: switches, pins, posts, contact, and edge connections
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Loaded in our standard tip marker



The Metron SFWC is a water clean solder flux that comes in a 6 ml pen.

Metron SFWC Specifications:
  • Product Type: Water Clean Flux
  • Physical Form: Liquid
  • Chemical Composition: Polyalkylene GlycolLactic AcidDimethylamine HydrochlorideGlycerineGlycolic AcidIsopropyl AlcoholN, N-Diethanolamine
  • Density: 0.899g/cm³
  • Odor: Alcohol-Like
  • Flash Point: 64°F
  • Applications: Soldering
  • Container Type: Pen

  • Stable in high heat
  • Residue is moisture and fungus resistant
  • Proprietary tip allows for precise placement of flux
  • Tip will not melt

Solder Fluxes, available in RMA (SFRMA), Red RMA (SFRMA1), no clean (SFNC) and water clean (SFWC) formulations, come preloaded in our Microtip markers.

METRONLUBE-1- ELECTRICAL CONTACT LUBRICANT is an excellent electrical contact lubricant which is very effective even where contact force is high. It is colorless, chemically neutral, water repellent, physiologically safe, light, weather proof and does not volatize easily. It protects base metals against corrosion and oxidation.

A thin film reduces the coefficient of friction for copper, silver or gold-plated surfaces to 0.05-0.15 and can increase the life of hard gold-plated contacts by as much as 100 times. It is excellent for contacts such as P.C. Board “fingers” because it prevents oxides and sulfides from forming and increasing electrical resistance.

Where long life is important, this contact lubricant is superior to mineral based products, is thermally stable, silicon free _won’t sum or vaporize has good wetting properties on metal, does not combine with water, has optimum viscosity with low temperature coefficients and a relatively low specific-resistance.

Metronlube-1 is also an excellent high-grade, non-gumming, non-vaporizing lubricant for mechanical uses from –55ºC to =250ºC.

Metronlube-1 is available in our standard tip pen.

LIQUID 2-WAY TAPE is an excellent pressure sensitive adhesive. It is an adhesive which dries in about 20 minutes to a “tacky” surface, does not tend to harden or get sticky with time.

It may be applied to nuts or bolts for “vibration proofing”. The bolt may be removed over and over again. It adheres to Teflon. Use also for prepositioning parts, and film overlays.

Liquid 2-way tape is available in our standard tip pen in Clear (L2) and Yellow (L2Y).