PCB Repair Kit

201-2100 Professional Repair Kit

The Professional Repair Kit is the most complete and versatile circuit board repair kit you’ll find anywhere. It’s the total package.

Includes unique replacement circuits that do not use messy liquid adhesives for bonding. Includes a temperature-controlled Bonding Iron and Bonding Tips to deliver the optimal heat required for curing the adhesive bonding film on the backside of the replacement pads, lands, and edge contacts.

Includes eyelets and setting tools for plated through-hole repair, Circuit Tracks to repair damaged circuit traces, adhesives, and color agents for solder mask or baseboard repair, and everything is packed in a rugged carry case. If you need to repair damaged circuit boards, the all-in-one Professional Kit is what you need.

201-1400 Land/Pad Repair Kit to repair circuit board damage including lands and pads 





201-3110 Base Board Repair Kit to repair base board and laminate damage on circuit boards. 





201-1600 Aerospace Repair Kit to replace damaged lands and pads where out-gassing of epoxy may be an issue. 




201-4150 Solder Skills Practice Kit to practice circuit board soldering skills prior to testing for certification. 






201-3130 Circuit Track Kit to repair circuit board damage including traces and conductors.






115-1322 Circuit Bond Kit containing packages of clear, low viscosity, superior strength epoxy for circuit board damage repair.





201-3160 Heat Shield Kit

This kit is ideal for the protection of adjacent components at risk of collateral heat damage during hot gas BGA rework.