Smart FINN™

With the expanding use of LEDs in electronics, a quick and effective solution to testing LEDs has become more and more vital. Today, the intelligent choice of a light intensity and color detector is the SmartFINN™.

The Smart FINN™ is the simplest method for measuring the color of an LED on the market. Smart FINN™ delivers full color and brightness readings with speed and ease. The Smart FINN™ is placed in front of the LED under test with no critical spacing or fiber-optic cables to install or maintain. The output frequency is directly related to the wavelength of the LED. Color measurements from the color sensor are provided as frequency readings measured in kHz.

Benefits of the Smart FINN™

May be used with any assembly that has LEDs

Is suitable for any test environment including ICT or functional-and on any test platform

Will accommodate the full spectrum of visible LEDs

Is an excellent solution whether you are testing one color LED or multi-colored LEDs

Has been widely effective in a variety of industries including automotive, networking, communications, medical, and defense