Smart FINN Bright

LED applications have evolved from simple status indications to extremely bright lighting for commercial, industrial and military applications. The intensities of these bright LEDs are beyond the capability of the human eye to withstand, let alone be able to discriminate for color. Much like the human eye with sunglasses, we are able to shade a FINN LED sensor in order to provide accurate color and intensity measurements. The Smart FINN™ Bright is an LED color sensor designed specifically for use with the bright LEDs currently used in the Automotive, Marine, Military and Industrial/Commercial Lighting industries.

Benefits of the Smart FINN Bright

Can handle LEDs that are 100 times brighter

Excellent solution for Automotive LED Headlights, Tail lights, Brake lights, etc.

May be used with any assembly that has ultra bright LEDs

Is suitable for any test environment including ICT (Keysight, Teradyne, Check Sum) or Functional test applications/stands

Will accommodate the full spectrum of visible, bright LEDs

Is an excellent solution whether you are testing LEDS that are single or multi-colored