Paper Ticket Dispenser

ddm hopt+schuler offers a wide range of paper ticket dispenser, parking ticket dispenser as well as card dispenser.

Paper Ticket Dispenser 901

The RFID paper ticket dispenser 901 from ddm hopt+schuler is the solution for processing and printing Mifare contactless paper tickets according to ISO 14443. The dispenser has both an RFID reader and a thermal printer. Thanks to a double feeder, up to 5000 tickets according to ISO 15457-1 can be issued. The tickets are gently separated by the tear-off function so that there is little paper dust in the machine. The device can collect, edit and issue tickets again. It is also possible to park tickets or put them in the machine. The tickets are made available for issue at the front of the ticket dispenser or dropped into the collecting tray integrated in the machine. The RFID paper tickets can be encoded and printed as a single ticket or multiple ticket.


Issue of RFID paper tickets according to ISO 15457-1 TFC size 1, with radii or chamfers

Processing of contactless paper tickets according to ISO 14443

Ticket issue time approx. 4.5 seconds


Card Dispenser 910-SPEED

The 910 Speed card dispenser requires less than 1 second to process and issue an RFID card. This makes the dispenser the fastest card issuing mechanism for contactless cards in the ddm hopt+schuler card dispenser family. The card dispenser is the ideal solution wherever a large number of contactless cards need to be issued in the shortest possible time, typically at bus and train stops in public transportation.

The automated ddm hopt+schuler card dispenser 910-Speed, can be equipped with different sized card hoppers. The standard hopper is designed for 250 cards that comply with the ISO 7810 / ID-1 standard and can be replaced by a card magazine for up to 500 cards if required. The card dispenser meets all requirements for complete processing of contactless cards according to ISO 14443, for example Mifare family cards. For processing, the contactless cards are separated from the stack by metal fingers and transported to the RFID antenna area. This output mechanism ensures the separation of the RFID cards even under difficult climatic conditions or if the cards are dirty or stuck together. After contactless processing, the cards are dispensed from the dispenser or discarded, for example, into a catch tray integrated into the vending machine. If the card dispenser has the optional bezel, then the device can take back RFID cards, process them and dispense them again or capture them in the vending machine.

The standard version of the 910-Speed card dispenser has an integrated RFID card reader, for contactless cards according to ISO 14443. If you wish, you can replace this with your own RFID reader. This option offers you the greatest possible flexibility in the choice of technology for your RFID cards. The easy installation of your RFID card reader and the corresponding antenna, is guaranteed by a variable plastic socket.


Issuing of plastic cards according to ISO 7810 / ID-1

Processing of contactless cards according to ISO 14443

Secure issuing of cards through metal fingers

Space-saving capturing of cards in the vending machine

Retention of faulty cards

Sensor for indication of empty card

Sensor for indication of card filling level


Parking Ticket Dispenser 

The ddm hopt+schuler parking ticket dispenser is a solution specifically designed for the handling, processing and printing of parking tickets. The typical application for this device are off-street parking facilities and parking management systems. Yet, it could also be used in other applications in which QR-/Barcode tickets need to be processed.


Reads 1D/2D QR-/Barcode tickets

Parking tickets can be read from both sides

3 tickets can be processed at the same time

Ticket thickness of 140 – 240 g/m²

Thermoprinter with 200 dpi

All common international fonts integrated

Integrated QR-/Barcode generator

Double feeder of tickets from fanfold/roll

Transport speed of 400 mm/s

Print speed of 150 mm/s