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Battery Probe
Proven designs Varying package dimensions Medical/defense/ruggedized industrial application
Board Marker Probe
Board Marker Probe patented design is for installation on bare board or loaded board test fixtures [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2poeyVtsZX8[/embed]
Double-Ended Probe
ECT has a long history manufacturing state of the art single-ended and double-ended fine pitch probes. These probes are traditional...
High-Frequency Probe
[embed]https://ect-cpg.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/RF-High-Frequency_video.mp4[/embed] Low impedance High bandwidth up to 20 GHz Repeatable measurements Coaxial design Interchangeable center conductor
Pylon Pogo Pin | Test Probes
Pylon Pogo® Contact for Board Test, Battery Interconnects, Medical Devices and other Momentary Electrical Contacts.
Step Probes
Precisely controlled probe travel Step tip geometry Replaceable and non- replaceable version Plating options available
ECT LFRE plated probes provide customers with a proven high volume production test solution for lead free PCBA test applications. ...
VG Block - Electronic Parts Distributor
ECT is recognized as the global leader in VG Mass Interconnect Technology for In-Circuit Test (ICT) and the Functional Test...