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Audio - Electronic Parts Suppliers
Great for all PCB audio applications including Lavaliere & headset mics, digital audio, security systems, voice control and computer systems.
Battery Probe
Proven designs Varying package dimensions Medical/defense/ruggedized industrial application
Board Marker Probe
Board Marker Probe patented design is for installation on bare board or loaded board test fixtures [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2poeyVtsZX8[/embed]
Electronic Casing & Parts Suppliers
offers wide range of cases in different designs. Shelf-, profile mounting, desk and euro cases are made for the acceptance...
ddm hopt+schuler offers a wide range of card readers such as Hybrid card readers, Smart Card readers, Contactless Card readers, Anti...
Circuit Frames
Circuit Frames for surface mount pad, BGA pad and conductor repair. Circuit Frames are used to replace damaged surface mount pads, lands, and...
For precise removal of silicone, acrylic, and urethane coatings from circuit boards. 250-1201 Coating Remover Pen has a fast stripping...
Coded Rotary Switch
The ddm hopt+schuler 527 model is a compact coded rotary switch that offers a range of configurations, including BCD, Hexadecimal,...
Color Agent for PCB Board, use to tint epoxy for solder mask and base board repair.  Available in a wide...
Electronic Parts Distributor for Cables
 connectors - precision pin headers,  Sockets, IDC connectors, USB, D-Sub, Brackets and devices from the optoelectronic range.
Customized Pogo Block for disk drive burnt-in-test.
Double-Ended Probe
ECT has a long history manufacturing state of the art single-ended and double-ended fine pitch probes. These probes are traditional...
For Moisture Sensitive Devices
For Moisture Sensitive Devices
The FINN® is a compact and durable LED sensor that is able to fit in just about any test setup....