STORELASTIC is a pretreated rubber granulate that can be used for modifying asphalt and bitumen in both dry- and wet-processing.

STORELASTIC drastically improves low temperature properties as well as heat resistance of the modified asphalt. Compared to polymerically modified asphalts, asphalts modified with STORELASTIC are characterized by a significantly higher weather resistance and therefore longer durability, as well as a superior noise reduction.

STORELASTIC can be applied with all common mixtures:

* Asphalt base binders and cover layers
* Stone mastic asphalt
* Open-pored asphalt
* PMA (Porous Mastic Asphalt)
* Noise optimized asphalts (p.E. LOA D, SMA LA)
* Thin layers in hot application (DSH, DSH-V)
* SAMI-Overlay (Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer)

Field of use ranges from low frequented roads to highly stressed asphalt constructions such as highways or industrial areas. The STORELASTIC percentage averages between 10 – 20 M.-%, depending on the application and binder content.

STORELASTIC is a combination of rubber granulate, a special oil and Sasobit®. The used rubber granulate is grinded ambiently, very smoothly and consists of a predefined mixture of truck and passenger car tires. Due to the pretreatment of STORELASTIC with a special oil, no ripening time of the mixture is necessary. It can be distributed and assembled right after production. The pretreatment with oil furthermore minimizes the absorption of readily-volatile components of the bitumen in the rubber granulate. The effect: Aging of the used bitumen is drastically reduced, the asphalt doesn’t embrittle early and premature thinning or pull-outs are avoided. Rubber increases the viscosity of the asphalt mixture. By using Sasobit®, a viscosity-modifying additive, STORELASTIC can be produced, assembled and compressed even at low temperatures without problems. This even includes manual assembly. Another positive effect of the temperature reduction is a significant reduction in odor emissions.


* High deformation consistency
* Very good low temperature behavior
* High aging resistance
* Durable
* Noise-reducing
* Environmental friendly