Wire Dots

Pre-cut plymer film tape with a high performance adhesive designed nfor tacking wires. Wire Dots make the job of bonding jumper wires neat and fast.

Wire Dots are a wire tacking system consisting of pre-cut shapes of a thin, flexible polymer film coated on one side with a high-performance, electronics-grade permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. The result is a highly conformable, high-strength bond.

The adhesive on Wire Dots is commonly used for graphic attachment and membrane switch applications because it has excellent long-term quality, consistency, and durability. Wire Dots perform well after exposure to high humidity, UV, immersion in water, and hot/cold cycles.

Wire Dots will hold secure after exposure to numerous chemicals including cleaning solutions/sprays, saponifiers, mild acids, and alkalies. And will hold secure through a typical circuit board hot water wash.

310-0651 Wire Dots, 0.256″ (6.5mm) Round 




310-1001 Wire Dots, 0.394: (10.0mm) Round 





310-0652 Wire Dots, 0.256″ (6.5mm) Sqaure 





310-1002 Wire Dots, 0.394″ (10.0mm) Square