Chip Card Reader

ddm hopt+schuler offers a wide range of card readers such as Hybrid card readers, Smart Card readers, Contactless Card readers, Anti Tamper Card readers covers.

Anti-Tamper Secure Cover 825 PCI Complaint 

The ddm hopt+schuler secure cover 825 protects your safety-related electronic components from malicious analyses and physical attacks such as drilling, lasering or etching. The cover is used wherever higher certifications, in accordance with the PCI Security Standards Council, are required to protect PIN-accepting devices against manipulation. The protective cover 825 is intended for use with the ddm hopt+schuler smart card reader 840-FM.


Tamper security for PCB components

PCI compliant

Multilayer meander structure

Integrated anti-removal switches




Compact Motorized Hybrid Card Reader 855 

The motorized hybrid card reader can process information from all common card types such as magnetic stripe cards, chip cards or contactless cards either individually or in combination. For this purpose, the reader has corresponding components such as a magnetic head, a chip contacting or an RFID read and write unit. In addition, various shutter and card insertion variants are available. The hybrid card reader can eject cards to the rear. This allows cards to be retained in the vending machine. The modular design makes the card reader particularly easy to maintain. The card slot is easy to open. Cleaning of the magnetic head or the chip contacts is possible without any problems.

Card Processing / Standard

Magnetic strip card read functions / ISO 7810, ISO 7811

Chip card read and write functions / ISO 7816

Contactless card read and write function / ISO 14443A



Secure Manual Hybrid Card Reader 862-SR

862-SR secure hybrid card reader is PCI and EMV Level 1 certified. It is typically used for kiosk applications and payment terminals. Another main application is in the field of card payment at fuel pumps at gas stations.

The secure card reader has a vandal-proof chip contact arrangement. The reader reads and writes chip cards according to ISO 7816. With a magnetic head on the opposite side of the chip contact, it is also possible to read magnetic stripe cards according to ISO 7811. The locking of the card can be released by motor or magnetically. Different interfaces for integration as well as different card insertions are available.

Card Processing / Standard

Magnetic stripe card read function / ISO 7810, ISO 7811

Chip card read and write function / ISO 7816


Combi Reader RFID & QR Code 991

The Combi Reader RFID & QR Code 991 allows identification via RFID cards, smartphones, barcodes and QR codes and thus supports the flexible design of contactless user authentication and identification solutions. The reader is designed for easy integration, space-saving deployment and high flexibility in the choice of radio technology. It supports the most common RFID card standards of frequency 13.56 MHz as well as ISO standards ISO 14443, ISO 15693 and ISO 18092. The high-quality barcode scanner enables fast scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes printed or shown on LCD screens and mobile device displays. Its compatibility with other devices makes the 991 Combi Reader an ideal tool for a wide range of applications requiring secure and convenient access – including access control, smart lockers, commercial, industrial and retail kiosks.

Reading Functions


Barcode/QR Code

Frequency and ISO-Standards

ISO 14443 A Mifare Classic, Mifare Desfire, Mifare Desfire Light
ISO 14443B Calypso (Q4 2022)
ISO 18092 NFC Protocol, Sony FeliCa
ISO 15693 iCode



RFID Antennas 

50 ohm antenna

13.56mHz frequency

Different standardized geometrical form factors available.

Custom form factors can be designed.

ISO 14443 A Mifare Classic, Mifare Desfire, Mifare Desfire Light

ISO 14443B Calypso (Q4 2022)

ISO 18092 NFC Protocol, Sony FeliCa

ISO 15693 iCode