Isabellenhütte IEM-DCC-500

The first shunt-based DC energy reference meter for power classes up to 500 kW that is compliant with calibration law

Key features of the IEM-DCC-500:
•    Current measurement range: 500 A (nominal), up to 600 A (maximum)
•    Voltage range up to 1,000 V (maximum)
•    Operating temperature range from -25 to +75°C
•    Housing protection class IP30, sealable and flame-protected (UL94-V0)
•    Extended correction of charging cable losses under the patent of

•    Integrated TFT display with different display levels on photodiode input
•    SML-based communication protocol with the meter modes EDL 40 and EDL 40 ++

If an AC meter is used to measure the energy fed into the AC/DC converter, the customer is charged for conversion losses, consumption of the dispenser and for cable losses.

Using IEM-DCC 500 with the 4 wire measurement allows to measure the energy at the plug thus ensuring the highest accuracy in recording the supplied energy.