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Metron MiniMirror®
Metron MiniMirror® Custom Design Services Have a special need for a custom design? We can help! Thinner, thicker, wider, longer,...
M90S – Standard Metron® MiniMirror®
Metron’s original line of inspection mirrors that are relied upon worldwide for optical clarity in precision work. Metron MiniMirrors® allow...
Diamond Coated Pocked Mirrors
Diamond-Coated Rear Surface Mirrors For the ultimate in scratch resistance and reflectivity, the Metron® DentalDM rear-surface diamond coated mirrors come...
I Line - Industrial Mirrors
303/17-4 Medical Grade Stainless-Steel ESD safe handle ST
Diamond Coated Pocked Mirrors
Metron® DentalRV is our line of Rhodium-coated Front Surface Mirrors. They offer great quality at a great price. They are...
M Line – Medical Inspired Mirrors
The M Line of medically inspired MiniMirrors® got it’s inspiration from the round mirrors found in medical offices. Metron MiniMirrors®...
100mils insulated probes available in different size and spring force.
ddm hopt+schuler offers a wide range of paper ticket dispenser, parking ticket dispenser as well as card dispenser.
201-2100 Professional Repair Kit The Professional Repair Kit is the most complete and versatile circuit board repair kit you'll find...
Technical Ceramics Supplier in Malaysia & Singapore
Precipart injection molds, presses, machines and shapes a range of ceramic materials for custom applications. Parts typically range in size...
Swiss Turning
Our precision turned parts typically range in diameter from 0.3mm (.0118”) to 32mm (1.25”) with tolerances less than 10μm (0.0004").
Gears & Motion Control
Our high precision gears and custom gearbox solutions meet quality standards up to AGMA Q12 or AGMA 2015/ISO 5 specifications.
Electronic Component Supplier for Micro Manufacturing
From miniature connectors to implantable medical device components, Precipart’s legacy and continued expertise lie in the production of precision miniature...
Pylon Pogo Pin | Test Probes
Pylon Pogo® Contact for Board Test, Battery Interconnects, Medical Devices and other Momentary Electrical Contacts.
RDIq Fast Charger
RDIq USB Fast Charge Power Adapters deliver USB PD (Power Delivery) and Qualcomm QC 3.0 fast charging to a wide variety...
Rectifiers diodes are used to convert alternating current to direct current.